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Val is one of those unusual people who feel just as comfortable speaking in front of a group of 300 as she does with talking to two of her friends. She loves the thrill of seeing people “get it” as she shares positive concepts and techniques that can improve their lives.

Val brings in true stories and the power of humor to help people understand how to apply the skills in their professional and personal settings. Her topics encourage interaction and participation but attendees who prefer to sit back and listen feel equally at ease.

To the meeting planner or event organizer, she is a dream come true – an extremely responsible, efficient professional who is easy to work with and who is just as committed to the success of the event as you.

Val is the ideal speaker for when you want a positive boost of energy to keep attendees engaged, pumped-up and (for those challenging afternoon sessions) awake!

Her presentations range in length from 60-90 minutes but most can be adjusted to meet your particular needs.

Val’s Popular Speaking Programs:

9 Crucial Keys to Improve
All Your Relationships

Do you have a hard time getting along with certain people? Are you wanting to connect better with individuals in your professional and personal life but don’t know how? Discover the 9 crucial “gotta have” people skills to power boost your relationship success in every area of your life. The result will be a happier, more productive and less stressed-out you because of healthier and more positive people connections. Master these 9 Keys and watch the magic begin!

Become the Ultimate Communicator
Proven Strategies that Get Guaranteed Results

Concepts from the book Crucial Conversations by VitalSmarts
Do you avoid sensitive subjects and tough topics because you don’t know how to handle them? Are there critical conversations holding you or your organization back because people are fearful of bringing them up? Good new….these skills can be LEARNED. This powerful presentation teaches the research based communication techniques to handle life’s most difficult and important conversations. Prepare for stressful situations with a proven technique, transform anger and hurt feelings into powerful dialogue, be persuasive, not abrasive. Gain these crucial skills in this life-enhancing training and you’ll never have to worry about another conversation again.

7 Secrets to a Confident, Happy Life
Shocking studies reveal that an overwhelming 70% of Americans today are dissatisfied and unhappy with their lives. Research further reveals that low self-esteem is one of the biggest contributors to this unhappy epidemic. This motivating presentation takes on this challenge by sharing the formula to power boost your self-confidence, discover your potential and take action on creating the life you’ve always wanted. You have one life to live…start living your ultimate life!

Build Sensational Love Relationships
Discover the Power of the 5 Love Languages

Concepts from the book The 5 Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman
Need a presentation perfect for couples or women? This is it!!!
People express and receive love in different ways. This can cause upset, frustration and confusion with the people you are closest to. Learn to speak and understand the 5 love languages to better express your love as well as feel loved in return. When put into practice, you and your loved ones will feel more respected, understood and cherished. And who doesn’t want more of that? This inspiring presentation will change your life for the better!

Bridge the Gender Gap: Finally Understand the Opposite Sex
Do you ever get frustrated with the opposite sex? You’re not alone. Men and women are simply wired different, and that’s a fact. In our thinking, acting, communicating and in many other behaviors, we were created with different strengths so that working together we can be an even stronger team. However, these differences can lead to frustration and confusion because we simply “don’t get” the opposite sex like we do our own. In this enlightening training, you will learn to recognize, understand and respect those innate differences to be more productive; have less conflict and create stronger bonds in all areas of your life.

Conflict Cures: How to Make PEACE with the Ones You Love
Everyone experiences conflict with the ones they love. What people don't realize is it's not usually the conflict issue itself that tears people apart, but how you resolve it and the feelings you have towards each other AFTER the conflict that really has the biggest impact. Studies show marriages that last are the result of a couple's ability to resolve their conflicts. This eye-opening presentation will teach you the critical information every couple needs to resolve differences in a respectful, understanding, loving way. The result is a happier, more stable, fulfilling relationship.


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