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What Past Clients Have to Say About Val

Val has insightful information always, but that's half the batttle, says Paul Linnman, co-anchor of KATU news and host of KEX 1190's Morning Update. "She is an excellent communicator and makes it easy for us to understand and put into practice.

“We are so pleased to have Val as a regular speaker here at Nike Headquarters for the last 3 years. She is so full of positive enthusiasm and solution-based knowledge, everyone walks away feeling like a new person ready to take action! Participants thank me regularly for bringing Val to campus.”  

“Val is a huge hit with our students when she comes to speak to my Human Development classes. Her wit, charm and straight-forward approach really connects with college students. They finally start to understand what it takes to have effective communication skills to use in their future careers and personal lives. To show Val’s great influence, when I was grading my students finals I asked the class what impacted them greatly during this semester. More than half wrote that Coach Val’s guest speaker presentation had the biggest impact on them during the whole semester! Keep up the powerful impact for good Val!”

“Forget your therapist's couch, Val Baldwin has the practical advice you need to take on life's little challenges. Get empowered by watching Val each month on AM Northwest. The results will be a better life!”

Successful Business Team

“Val says all the things we are thinking but don't have the guts to say out loud. As Human Resource Directors we definitely need the people skills Val has to teach us. Right on Val!”  

“You will walk away from a Val Baldwin presentation with spring in your step, a smile on your face, energized and uplifted with new confidence, approaches and solutions. Val is a polished, dynamic speaker who has it all together and loves nothing more than assisting others in getting their lives together.”   

“Val has more energy in her little finger than most people have in their entire body. Val's workshops are sensational!” 

“Val is the person all women want as their best friend. She is incredibly positive, a great communicator and has amazing life-changing techniques to improve all areas of our life. You can’t help but connect with her the minute you meet her. I share her tips and quote her to my friends all the time. She’s the best!”

“Val is absolutely amazing! I book speakers every month for our organization, but I’ve never had such a huge, positive response than from when Val came to speak. The attendees STILL talk about how great she was! Everyone benefits from a powerful Val presentation.”

Happy People

“You are AWESOME! It was so wonderful of you to participate in our conference and I heard nothing but great reviews from the students! I heard so many of them say that your workshop was not only their favorite but life-changing as well! Several kids said they wanted to start a Val fan club. We could not have put together this conference without such amazing speakers such as you. Thanks again!”

“Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation at our Professional Women’s Conference. Your presentation was fabulous. You were even quoted several times during our evening event. The women were definitely listening and numerous comments were made about how much your message was enjoyed.”

“Wow Val….you received the best rating of all our conference presenters. You were definitely the hit of our IPMA-HR Western Region Conference this year! Everyone is hoping they will book you for our National Conference next year. Thanks again!”

“Sometimes I have trouble getting out of bed in the mornings. But THIS morning, as I was coming awake and wondering what the day would be like, I had extra help….thanks to YOU. Because I was moved by your presentation last night, my mind latched onto the remembered joy that is my heritage and my destiny. That thought was a lifeline, pulling me out of bed. And so my day started on a much brighter and easier note because of what you shared with all of us women at our conference last night. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for being so wonderful and upbeat and supportive. Thank you for helping us understand how to build our self-esteem and become our best. You are impacting lives for the positive Val. You have touched my life for good, sending me on a slightly different path, a higher, happier road. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and thank you on behalf of all the women who had the pleasure of hearing you.”

Happy People

“We had a great experience with Val and so did our wives. We learned a lot, got great value and would highly recommend her to any group…especially when it involves couples. Everyone needs new techniques to keep our relationships healthy and strong. Val was terrific!”

“Dear Val,

I just wanted to tell you that you can add yet another group to those that think you are fantastic. Your communications training last week was just what we needed to bring down barriers and get clear on our focus for this coming year. I can’t remember the last time everyone felt comfortable enough to bring up those difficult topics we all tend to avoid. I congratulate you on getting us to come clean. Your Become the Ultimate Communicator presentation will be a priceless resource as we move forward on resolving some of our team’s issues.

We can be a tough crowd and you handled us with grace, intelligence and a very smooth and dynamic personality. Since my television executive producer job is to evaluate presentation skills, you rate AAA. You can’t get higher than that. Plus you have a great talent of getting us to laugh at ourselves. Not easy with an egocentric, male-dominant group like ours. Well-done Ms Baldwin.

Again, thank you for bringing your talents to our Lane Council of Governments this year. Your knowledge and skills will enable us to work together in a more productive, cohesive way. I feel lucky to have experienced your presence.

On behalf of our entire team, Thank You.”

“My name is Aaron, I saw your seminar at the Future Business Leaders of America conference in Denver and I just wanted to say you were amazing!! And it has helped me A LOT!!! Yours was the best seminars of the entire 2-day conference BY FAR!!!” Thank you so very much and keep up the good work!!!!

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