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Val’s AV Needs

To help ensure that Val’s program meets your expectations and brings high value to your audience, please review the requests below and let us know if there are any challenges. Val is flexible and will work with your A/V capabilities and your technicians to make the most of your program.

We appreciate your attention to detail and your willingness to help Val create the very best experience for your audience.


Please provide a wireless lavaliere (tie clip) microphone with fresh batteries. (A back-up microphone is also recommended)

Please provide a second microphone (handheld or stationary) for the introducer. It works best if there is no need to “hand off” the lavaliere microphone from the introducer to the speaker.

The majority of Val’s presentations have an accompanying PowerPoint presentation. She provides her own laptop and digital projector.

Please provide a projector screen for the speaking topics Val uses PowerPoint with.

Some of Val’s presentations include a short video, which will need amplification. Access to speakers will be necessary in such cases.


If possible, set the room up theater or classroom style. Second choice is “U” or “V” shaped and third choice is round tables.

A lectern to the side of the stage with space for an 8.5 x 11-inch notebook.

A table for Val’s laptop and digital projector for the topics that have an accompanying PowerPoint presentation.

Recording of Presentation

The material to be presented is protected by copyright. Audio and/or video recording is permitted and encouraged. A separate recording agreement must be signed prior to the event.

copyright 2006 Val Baldwin.