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Relationship CoachingRelationship Coaching

…..what is it? Lance Armstrong has one. Venus Williams has one. Mohammad Ali had one too! You already know that athletes and all sports teams in every country across the world have coaches.

Life Coaching is a recent phenomenon with its roots in early psychological theory. Coaching is NOT delving into and “fixing” the past. It’s about starting with the present and giving you the focus, clarity and the skills to get you moving forward. It’s about holding you accountable and giving you the support to get you where you want to be. It’s creating a partnership between client/coach to help you reach your goals.

Val Baldwin, CPC, is a Certified Life Coach who specializes in Relationship Coaching. She works with singles and couples wanting the tools to enhance their current or future relationships for fulfilling, loving, amazing results.

Singles CoachingSingles Clarity Coaching focuses on giving singles the clarity and understanding every single must know to choose the right partner. This will be the most important training a single person can ever have for as H. Jackson Brown Jr. said “Choose your mate carefully, from this one decision will come 90% of your happiness or misery.” Whether you’re currently in a relationship and wondering if they are “The One” or want clarity for future relationships, this training is ideal for you. This singles training is typically completed in two, 60 to 90 minute sessions.

Singles Coaching sessions can be conducted in person or over the phone. This means you can be located anywhere in the world to work with Coach Val. Enjoy your private coaching session from the comfort of your own home or during a break at work. It’s flexible, and easy to set up an appointment.

Singles CoachingCouples Enrichment Coaching is ideal for premarital couples, newlyweds, couples in transition or committed couples who need a boost in their relationship skills to enhance their love and fulfillment. Couples’ coaching is not suitable for couples on the brink of divorce or, because of unresolved issues in the past, are not emotionally whole to move their relationship forward.

Depending on couples issues/needs, Coach Val customizes the sessions to give couples the techniques and skills to strengthen their weak areas. Possible focus areas are: relationship communication, conflict resolution, physical intimacy/romance issues, personality/gender differences and role relationships.

Couples sessions are conducted in person and range from 60-90 minutes. The number of sessions usually ranges between 3-6 sessions.

COST: 60-minute sessions are $100 and 90-minute sessions are $125. Payment is due at the conclusion of each session.

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