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Live Your Ultimate Life


By Margot Carmichael Lester

Everyone likes to be in control of their lives, but are you too in control? Does your need to be in command of your situation spill over into your command of other people's lives? Does a lack of control send you spinning hopelessly into a panic attack? Take this fun quiz to discover if you're a control freak.

  1. When you're planning a night out, who makes the decisions:
    • We go wherever I say we're going. (Score = 1)
    • I let him think his opinion matters, but I always get my way. (Score = 2)
    • I'm pretty picky, so he usually gives in. (Score = 3)
    • We both make suggestions and try to find a mutually acceptable place. (Score = 4)
    • I do - and that's final. (Score = -1)

  2. What's it like on home movie night?:
    • I have strict rules about talking, and the timing of bathroom and snack breaks - and I rule the remote. (Score = 1)
    • Only Brad Pitt could pry the remote from my hands. (Score = 2)
    • I make most of the decisions, but I do let my man weigh in. (Score = 3)
    • Movie night is something we do together, so nobody's "in control". (Score = 4)
    • Remember Seinfeld's Soup Nazi? I'm the DVD Nazi ... (Score = -1)

  3. Your flight is delayed. How do you react?
    • Call customer service and demand retribution. (Score = 1)
    • Get seriously steamed and start crying in frustration. (Score = 2)
    • Add the airline industry to your list of things to fix. (Score = 3)
    • Call the people waiting for you at your destination, explain the situation and settle in to work or read. (Score = 4)
    • Storm around the podium saying you'll get them all fired if they don't get you on a plane. (Score = -1)

  4. If you're going somewhere with friends:
    • I insist on driving, even if it's not my car. (Score = 1)
    • Nobody else drives - unless I've been drinking. (Score = 2)
    • I like to drive and always offer to. (Score = 3)
    • I coordinate with my buds to figure out the most practical solution. (Score = 4)
    • It's my way or the highway. (Score = -1)

  5. What's the state of your lingerie drawer?
    • Bras in one drawer, panties and other items in a second arranged by type, then color; and a third drawer for special occasion garments - each stylishly arranged. (Score = 1)
    • Two drawers, with items folded and separated into sexy and every day. (Score = 2)
    • One drawer with garments neatly arranged. (Score = 3)
    • Panties on one side, bras on the other. (Score = 4)
    • It looks like Victoria's Secret - several drawers of neatly folded bras and panties and arranged by color, with a separate drawer for miscellaneous items. (Score = -1)

    Less than 0: You've got your freak on - your control freak, that is. There's no room for impetuousness or spontaneity in your life. And that could cause you to miss out on great opportunities in life and love.

    0-5: You're one step away from being borderline compulsive about controlling the events of your life. Your rigidity could be limiting your potential.

    6-10: You're pretty controlling. Why not relax a little and let the world wash over you sometimes? You might be surprised what cool things happen when you loosen your grip.

    11-15: You definitely like to have things your way, but you're malleable enough that it probably doesn't hurt you much. Still, loosening up couldn't do much harm, could it?

    16-20: You control what you can and let the rest take care of itself. Your balanced approach is not only good for you, but good for the others in your life, as well.

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