Val Baldwin, CPC
Live Your Ultimate Life

Let’s face it, sometimes we ladies don’t feel very sexy. Either it’s the pressure and stress of work or kids, hormones or the extra pounds we happen to be carrying at the moment. But listen to me ladies, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and your husband loves you and thinks you are beautiful…even if you disagree.

The first thing you need to do is pretend you are the sexiest woman alive. Go and put on an act worthy of an academy award. You’re probably telling yourself “but don’t I have to feel a certain way before I can act that way?” Absolutely not! In fact, just the opposite. Research shows that if you act the way you want to feel, the feelings will follow. So in this case, act sexy and soon you’ll feel sexy.

Here’s 10 ideas to help you “bring your sexy back”.

Have a Spa Day
Pampering your own body will help you feel more inclined to pampering your man’s body. Can’t afford a real spa? Find a friend or sitter who will take your kids and create your own at home for an hour or two.

Get Creative
Many moms find that they are simply too tired to enjoy sex at bedtime. Try it in the morning before your kids wake up – or “nap” when your children nap so you’ll have more energy at night.

Buy New Lingerie
The feel of good quality silk or satin on our bodies reminds us once again that we are sexual beings. Get out and buy something naughty; then surprise your man, just when he expects you to come downstairs in those ratty sweats and t-shirt you usually wear.

Strip For Him
Once you get your lingerie on, take it off baby! Play some sexy music, dim the lights, light some candles and put on a show. You sweetie will love it.

Spend the Night With Him
If you can’t get away on a trip, spend at least one night away from home. Go out to dinner, preferably in a sexy dress. Stop at a jazz club and dance the night away. Then go to a nice hotel and remember what it was like to be a newly married couple again.

Mix it Up
Who says romance is limited to the bedroom? Don’t stop there. Ignore the norm and experiment with new places to get romantic. Get busy in the closet or in your parked car in the garage. Nothing says loving like closed confined space! Too risqué? Then sleep naked.

Not feeling confident enough to strip for your sweetie? A few visits to the gym, and you’ll be feeling sexy as ever. Exercise gets your blood pumping and is a natural aphrodisiac. Plus, your body image will increase as your body fat percentage decreases.

Get a New Hairstyle
If you’ve had the same hairstyle for the past 5 years, then it is time to move on. A new hairstyle makes us feel fresh and young. Ready for a new start? Start with a new Do!

Flirt With Him
Leave him sexy notes, brush up against him lightly, kiss his earlobe, or whisper in his ear. These are some of the ways to flirt with your man.

Plan An At-Home Date
While one spouse is putting the kids to bed, the other can pick up take-out. You may eat dinner late, but if you can enjoy a meal without having to shout over the kids, isn’t it a good trade?

Take the time and energy to help yourself feel sexy and you’ll never regret it. You’re worth it and the benefits to your marriage are priceless.

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